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Jimmy Fallon Says He Had to Tell Biden to Stop Talking to the Easter Bunny

via NBC

Hillary Clinton appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where they discussed a story from last year’s White House Easter Egg Roll.

Fallon said he witnessed President Biden talking to the Easter Bunny as if it were one of his assistants, suggesting the president appeared confused.

“So they had the same thing — nice Easter Bunny walking around. I think it was one of President Biden’s assistants,” he said.

“And he’s talking to the bunny, like it’s their assistant. He’s like, ‘So anyway, blah blah blah,’ and I go, ‘Hey stop talking to this bunny, people are going to think that you’re crazy!” Fallon said.

“No one knows that that’s your assistant. Everyone thinks that the president is talking to the Easter Bunny,” Fallon said, adding, “So stop doing it!”

Clinton said Donald Trump would mock Biden for it, and Fallon agreed, recalling how Trump did just that at a rally.

Trump said Biden was “shaking hands with the air” and “taking orders from the Easter Bunny.”

“I mean, you can imagine what Trump would do with that, right?” Hillary said.

“And he did! He did do it, yeah,” he said.

“Our country’s going to hell. [Biden’s] shaking hands with the air. He’s walking around somewhat bewildered — I’d say it’s no good — and taking orders from the Easter Bunny,” Trump said.

While Clinton defended Biden by saying they were just joking, Fallon did not seem convinced, quickly changing the subject.

“No sense of humor, no sense of humor at all,” Clinton said.

“I mean, come on, they were telling jokes,” she said.

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