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NYC Firefighter Dies of Heart Attack After Being Cut to Help Pay for Migrants

via New York Post

A New York City firefighter, Derek Floyd, who lost his job in December due to budget cuts aimed at reducing costs for housing and feeding illegal immigrants, has died of a heart attack at age 36.

As a Marine veteran who previously suffered a heart attack on the job in 2019, Floyd was on modified duty until his termination just before qualifying for additional medical benefits and a $600,000 life insurance payout to his family.

His widow believes the stress of losing his long-time career contributed to his declining health.

The firefighter’s union president criticized the firing as unnecessary given staffing shortages, simply aimed to prove cuts were being made.

Officials are now exploring ways to support Floyd’s family in the wake of his passing.

“What disturbs me the most is that the FDNY is understaffed by hundreds of firefighters. Terminating [Floyd] was absolutely unnecessary,” Uniformed Firefighter Association president Andrew Ansbro said.

“He had an important job, and the FDNY actually needed him in that unit. He was terminated so the department could prove that they were making cuts. He deserved better,” Ansbro said.

“I think it definitely took a toll once they let him go. He always tried to, like, stay positive about it, and he wasn’t really angry,” stated Cristine Floyd, the firefighter’s widow.

“But you see a person, and the wheels are turning in their brain where they’re just constantly thinking, so I definitely think it did affect us,” she said.

“If Derek would have stayed on, he would have had a life insurance policy with the FDNY,” his wife said. “That would have helped out financially because right now, it’s really bad. I’m honestly swimming in a lot of debt.”

“He used to be so present for, like, our kids and stuff,” Cristine said. “Being a firefighter was something he was really passionate about. He was really a big-time, like, family person. He was all about his kids.”

“We are heartbroken over the passing of former Probationary Firefighter Derek Floyd, and will explore all financial, legal and legislative options to help his family and ensure they have the support they need during this time,” Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said.

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