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MSNBC’s Wallace: ‘As with Racists, All the Conspiracy Theorists Are Republicans’


MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace criticized the embrace of election conspiracies as a prerequisite for Republican candidates.

She noted how all candidates in Georgia’s third congressional district endorsed Trump’s lies about election fraud that led to the Capitol insurrection.

Wallace said, “Every single candidate to be the Republican Party nominee to run in Georgia’s Third Congressional District rushed to endorse not just Trump but the lies he told, the lies that led to a deadly insurrection. The eager embrace of the election conspiracies now clearly a prerequisite to be elected in Republican Party politics.”

She added, “We’ll move over to Arizona, where just last week, State Senator Jake Hoffman was indicted along with 17 others for their roles as fake electors for Arizona in Trump’s scheme to steal the 2020 election and over turn his defeat in Arizona. On Saturday, less than a week after those charges were announced, Hoffman was elected as an national committeeman for the Republican National Committee and now the second person in leadership at the RNC who has been indicted in the effort to steal the 2020 election in Arizona, alongside the RNC senior counsel for so-called election integrity, Christina Bobb.”

She said, “It is not accurate to say everyone in the Republican Party is a conspiracy theorist but as with racist, all of the conspiracy theorists are Republicans.”

In Arizona, a state senator was recently indicted along with others for their role as fake electors to overturn Trump’s defeat, yet he was still elected to the RNC, joining another RNC official also indicted for efforts to steal the 2020 election in Arizona.

While not all Republicans are conspiracy theorists, Wallace argued all conspiracy theorists within the party are embracing such lies.

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