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Woman Files for Divorce from Jenna Jameson Just 11 Months After Their Wedding

via Larry King

Jessi Lawless, the wife of former porn star Jenna Jameson, has announced she is filing for divorce after just 11 months of marriage.

In an Instagram video, Lawless confirmed the divorce, citing Jameson’s drinking as the cause despite Lawless forbidding alcohol use.

“There are a lot of rumors going around that Jenna and I are getting a divorce, and I am making this video to confirm that,” Lawless said. “It’s done.”

Lawless said Jameson drank at an event in Chicago without her knowledge.

“I told her in the beginning of our relationship that I was drawing a hard line, and that drinking had led to so many problems in her life that I would not tolerate it at all, under any circumstances,” Lawless added.

“This is the first time she’s gone to an event without me since we’ve been married. This is the first time she’s been away from me. I’ve been keeping her on the straight and narrow. She goes to Chicago, and she starts drinking,” Lawless said.

When confronted, Jameson admitted drinking but showed no remorse.

Their divorce comes less than a year after marrying in May 2023.

“And then when I confronted her about it, she was definitely trying to lie about it until I told her that I had pictures. I said, ‘People have sent me pictures of you with champagne in your hand.’ She admitted it, obviously. I didn’t even really have the pictures, I just told her I did. I knew she was drinking,” she added.

“She has no remorse. She told me point blank, ‘I’m not sorry. I don’t feel sorry.’ I’m crying, literally tears running down my face, begging for some sort of remorse from her, and she had none,” Lawless said.

“She just wanted to turn it around and blame me. I don’t know how that’s my fault,” Lawless added.

“I keep it classy,” Jameson wrote online.

Jameson has had a tumultuous romantic history, previously marrying two porn producers and having children with an MMA fighter and businessman.

This is her shortest marriage to date at under a year.

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