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School board president ordered to pay legal fees after LGBTQ flag debate

via Global News

The president of a California school board received death threats after the board banned displays of non-government flags in response to criticism of potentially removing Pride and progressive symbols.

Ryan Jergensen, the only parent on the board, voted for the restriction to keep schools neutral for families.

“Apparently, the death threats, the cost of having to pay for attorney’s fees and face this litigation is the cost of a parent – I’m the only parent on the school board standing up and wanting to keep the school neutral for all families,” Jergensen said.

“I mean, I don’t mind if you’re left, right, center, what political bent or belief system you have. I have never tried to put my beliefs on the school. All I have asked is that we keep the school neutral for children and for the families,” he added.

He was granted a restraining order against a former trustee, Denise Kent Romo, after receiving death threats referencing her public claims that Jergensen was anti-LGBTQ.

Emails threatened to hunt and hide his family.

“Enjoy your weekend. It could be your last,” an anonymous emailer said.

“When did oppression become your main goal?” another threat read. “Maybe hunting Christians or those of hate should be the backlash? Watch yourselves—for the oppressed will rise and one can only hope they do not act like you—or you may need to hide your kids, your wives, your husband’s and anything you ‘love.'”

Romo’s husband disagreed the threats were linked to her comments and said the order aimed to silence opposition.

Jergensen has now been ordered to pay Romo’s legal fees to defend against the restraining order, which Jergensen filed due to the death threats targeting him and his family.

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