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Democrat Don Davis Sounds Alarm On Biden’s EV Agenda

via WRAL

Representative Don Davis (D-NC) expressed concerns in a Fox News interview about regulations on gas cars put in place by the Biden administration.

He argued the government should not determine winners and losers in the industry, and that consumers should guide the transition away from gas vehicles instead of moving too quickly.

“I am concerned, and I would say that we shouldn’t go too far, too fast. And I would only imagine putting the trust in Washington, D.C. to ultimately determine the winners and losers. I have great concerns here,” Davis said.

Davis said putting too much trust in Washington could have unintended consequences.

While goals of increasing electric vehicles (EVs) have merit, the timing may be too fast given infrastructure limitations like lack of charging stations.

He added, “I believe it’s important to continue to follow the consumers. Consumers will tell you a whole lot. … So, this is not entirely about going against a goal, but this is just bringing forth pragmatic processes in order for the industry to continue to move forward, and I believe that we just have to not move too quickly here.”

Davis believes the industry and consumers should have more input in the process to ensure a pragmatic approach that aligns with practical realities on the ground, rather than just theoretical goals.

He cautioned against moving too fast with regulations and stressed the need for a balanced transition led by consumer demand.

Davis said, “[O]f course, there are those who are very supportive and are moving towards EV. However, … there are others who have great concerns, just like I have, and that we’ve already heard, charging stations, we’re just not there on the infrastructure.”

Many of Biden’s plans “have some merit. Again, where I would come to and point the direction towards is the timing and really bringing the industry and even consumers, to some extent, into this process more,” he said.

He noted that there is “concern about the environment, and we get that. But, again, I come, also, from an academic background, and, sometimes, we can talk all day about theory, but theory may not always align with what’s practical and what’s taking place on the ground.”

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