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Squatters Sue NYC Couple After Allegedly Occupying Their Property: ‘We’re Dealing with a Nightmare’

via Eyewitness News ABC7NY

A couple owning a duplex in Queens, New York is being sued by two alleged squatters who took up residence in the property without permission.

The homeowners have incurred over $4,000 in legal fees defending their rights.

A New York Post article noted how “permissive” squatter laws in New York City allow occupants to claim rights after 30 days, frustrating property owners.

Many squatters change locks, intimidate the real estate broker, and damage the property, claiming a forged lease gave them rights.

Police initially would not help the owners regain access.

“So… squatters don’t have money to pay rent or a mortgage…but they can afford lawyers to sue homeowners?” one commenter wrote.

“Keep voting Democrat people. Pretty soon you’ll own nothing and neck high in debt,” another commented.

“What did we do? Nothing. We put up a property for rent, and that’s it, now we’re dealing with a nightmare,” homeowner Denis Kurlyand said.

The squatters are now suing the owners in a case highlighting issues some see with laws enabling squatters to easily take over homes and burden lawful owners with costs and delays in recovering their property.

Other recent cases in New York and Georgia show this is an ongoing problem frustrating those seeking to use or rent their lawful residences.

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