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DC Archbishop Criticizes Biden, Labels Him a ‘Cafeteria Catholic’

via 60 Minutes

President Biden continues to face criticism as a “cafeteria Catholic” for selectively following Catholic teachings.

The Archbishop of Washington D.C. labeled Biden as such for his support of policies like abortion access and same-sex marriage that conflict with Church stances.

Critics were further inflamed when Biden’s administration declared Easter Sunday as “Transgender Day of Visibility” and prohibited religiously themed egg designs in a White House Easter art event, which the Trump campaign decried as an “assault on the Christian faith.”

“Like a number of Catholics, he picks and chooses dimensions of the faith to highlight while ignoring or even contradicting other parts,” Archbishop Wilton Gregory said, calling Biden a “cafeteria Catholic.”

As a Catholic who holds positions disputed by traditional Church doctrine, Biden has been viewed by some as not a true Catholic.

“There are things that he chooses to ignore or he uses the current situation as a political pawn rather than saying, look: ‘my church believes this, I’m a good Catholic, I would like to believe this,’” Gregory said.

“It is appalling and insulting that Joe Biden’s White House prohibited children from submitting religious egg designs for their Easter Art Event, and formally proclaimed Easter Sunday as ‘Trans Day of Visibility’,” the Trump campaign stated. “Sadly, these are just two more examples of the Biden Administration’s years-long assault on the Christian faith.”

“We call on Biden’s failing campaign and White House to issue an apology to the millions of Catholics and Christians across America who believe tomorrow is for one celebration only — the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” said Karoline Leavitt, the National Press Secretary for Trump.

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