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‘American Idol’ contestant has tiff with judge Luke Bryan

via ABC

On American Idol, contestant Madaí ChaKell had an awkward exchange with judge Luke Bryan.

During her initial audition, Bryan questioned if she knew her identity as an artist.

“I think you’re still a year or two away [from] really perfecting who you are as the individual artist,” Bryan said.

“I think you’re just trying to grab people’s attention,” Katy Perry added. “So you want to grab it, and then you want to hold it.”

“I definitely tapped more into myself since he said I probably didn’t really know who I was. So I did some more digging and found more of her,” ChaKell said.

ChaKell noted her desire “to prove to Luke that I’m a true performing artist.”

In Hollywood week, her performance of Ariana Grande’s “Tattooed Heart” was interrupted when her pianist changed the arrangement, frustrating her.

“Okay, we’re gonna do this acapella because that’s not flowing the way we practiced,” ChaKell said.

Bryan asked if she was okay, which she mocked in response.

“Not to where I would like it,” she said.

“Obviously, I don’t know what went on in rehearsals, but [a] lot of stuff going on up there. It was a little shaky in some spots, but thanks for performing for us,” Bryan said.

“My pianist completely just flipped the script on what we practiced. They also tried to play the card, ‘Is your voice okay?’ What do you think? I was shaky… Look what you all just did! Is your voice okay, Luke? I haven’t heard you sing,” she said.

Producers let her perform again.

This time, ChaKell ended with a Southern accent, implying she could be anyone, as Bryan had said she didn’t know herself.

“It’s great to have you back, and we understand all the dynamics of it now, and we’re glad that you get another opportunity,” Bryan said. “And like I said, in this moment, your moment, we want you in the most comfortable situation possible.”

“Okay, so with that being said, can I have a chair perhaps? Cause I’m getting a little bit shaky,” she said.

“Why the ‘heart’ that way?” Bryan asked.

“You know,” she said in a British accent. “You know, you said something before. You were like, ‘I don’t really know who I am quite yet.’ So I wanted to show you that I can be everyone and everything. Isn’t that what an ‘American Idol’ is?”

Bryan said they may do “American Humble” instead of “Idol.”

ChaKell was proud to show her “boss energy” but did not make the top 24.

“Maybe we’ll do ‘American Humble’ at some point,” Bryan said.

“Probably not winning the audience for that one,” he added.

“I am proud of the moment because I just feel like it definitely showed my boss energy. But yeah, it is what it is,” ChaKell said.

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