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Biden Co-Chair Whitmer: ‘Who Cares’ if I think Unborn Are People?

via FOX

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a co-chair of the Biden campaign, declined to give her personal view on whether frozen embryos constitute human life.

When asked, she responded that her individual position does not matter and the only opinions that should count are those of the parents and their doctor.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked, “Well, you just mentioned the concerns about what happened in Alabama with the Supreme Court there and the IVF ruling and really what that could mean for other reproductive rights, on that ruling in Alabama, you have not said whether or not you agree that frozen embryos are considered people. What is your position on that?”

Whitmer emphasized that reproductive choices should be left to Americans to make privately for themselves without interference from judges, politicians or outside states.

As a governor, she aims to empower individuals to make their own healthcare decisions, including whether and how to start a family.

Whitmer said, “Who cares what my position is, Kaitlan? What matters is what the parents and their doctor agree is whatever is right for them, how they define it. That’s the only one whose opinions should matter, not a judge, not a politician, not a governor from a different state.”

“That’s what the fundamental question is here, are we going to empower Americans to make their own healthcare decisions and make decisions about how they go about starting their family and whether or not they go about starting a family? And that’s what I’m fighting for here in Michigan.”

Collins said, “You have been out on the forefront on this issue, though. I think people would care what you think of that.”

Whitmer noted as a non-doctor, she is not in a position to impose her views on others’ personal medical situations involving complex issues like IVF and surrogacy.

Her role is to ensure laws do not restrict personal autonomy over private medical decisions.

Whitmer said, “Yeah, but I’m not a doctor and I’m not in anyone’s individual situation. When we did this surrogacy bill yesterday, we heard from parents who went through IVF, couldn’t carry a baby to term, so had a surrogate do that, when they saw all of the laws that were changing, they were worried that they would lose the ability to make a decision about those embryos.”

“And a couple of the parents at our event testified that they decided to have the embryos destroyed. That was their decision. They were their embryos. I don’t think that the government or any politician should get in the middle of that choice.”

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