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MSNBC’s Reid: GOP Opposes DEI Because They ‘Dislike Black People’

via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

MSNBC host Joy Reid claimed that Republicans oppose Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs because they “can’t stand black people.”

She was discussing a collapsed bridge in Baltimore and criticism from Republicans linking it to the city’s black mayor and DEI.

Reid said, “The most idiotic and racist theories had to do with their newest bogeyman, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion DEI. A Republican congressional candidate in Florida tweeted that, ‘DEI did this.’ And a right wing blue check account that’s been boosted by Elon Musk in the past just blew straight past the dog whistling tweeting to its 267,000 followers, ‘Baltimore’s DEI mayor commenting on the collapsed Francis Scott Key bridge, it’s going to get so, so much worse. Prepare accordingly.’ The post included a clip of Baltimore’s black mayor, Brandon Scott.”

Reid argued the mayor was elected with 70% of the vote in a 61% black city, so by the logic of calling him a “DEI mayor” as an insult, opponents would want only a white Christian man in power.

She stated it is clear opponents mean black people when referring to DEI, just as they complain about Critical Race Theory to express underlying racism without outright saying so.

She added, “I can’t believe I have to say this, Brandon Scott was elected with 70% of the vote in 2020, in a city that is 61% black so by right-wing logic, a diversity hire would have been a white man. Which of course is what they want, only the white Christian men may have this things.”

Reid asserted that opponents’ actual view is that they cannot tolerate black people being in positions of authority or influence.

Reid said, “At this point, it’s evident what they mean by DEI, right? It means black people. It’s the reason the right complained about Critical Race Theory. It’s not fashionable to be openly racist anymore in America unlike what they call the good old days. So referring to a black mayor as a DEI mayor get it is point across. So just say what you mean. You can’t stand black people. We get it. You’ve been heard.”

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