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Hillary Clinton has blunt message for voters upset by Trump-Biden rematch

via NBC

Hillary Clinton had a blunt message on choosing between Biden and Trump in 2024. When asked about voters upset by the two choices, she responded “Get over yourself. Those are the two choices.”

She then compared Biden positively as being “old, and effective, and compassionate, has a heart and really cares about people,” while calling Trump “old and has been charged with 91 felonies.”

What would you tell voters who are “upset that those are the two choices?” Jimmy Fallon asked.

“Get over yourself. Those are the two choices,” Clinton said.

“Yeah! I love that,” Fallon said.

“One is old, and effective, and compassionate, has a heart and really cares about people. And one is old and has been charged with 91 felonies,” Clinton said.

Clinton said she doesn’t understand why this is a hard choice given the stakes for democracy and the country.

She argued Trump and his allies have made clear what kind of country they want.

Clinton said voters need to get out and vote, as she is one of many Democrats rallying behind Biden for the upcoming election.

“I don’t understand why this is even a hard choice, really. I don’t understand it,” Clinton added. “But we have to go through the election and hopefully people will realize what’s at stake because it’s an existential question. What kind of country we’re gonna have, what kind of democracy we can have and people who blow that off are not paying attention because it’s not like Trump, his enablers, his empowerers, his allies are not telling us what they want to do. I mean, they’re pretty clear about what kind of country they want.”

“Yeah, so get out there and vote,” Fallon said.

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