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Letitia James’ Assistant May Face Charge of Criminal Tampering

via NBC

An assistant attorney general in New York, Stacey Hamilton, may face a misdemeanor charge for allegedly vandalizing a neighbor’s car by throwing an unknown liquid on it.

Hamilton’s lawyer accused the local district attorney’s office of unfair treatment in the case, though it was passed to an independent special prosecutor.

Regarding the alleged November incident, Hamilton denied being charged to a newspaper, questioning if they understood what legal terms meant.

The neighbor reported damage to their car’s paint, while Hamilton’s attorney claimed the complaint was fabricated to embarrass her in retaliation for her girlfriend assaulting the neighbor.

If found guilty of third-degree criminal tampering, Hamilton could face up to 90 days in jail at her rescheduled hearing in April.

The complaint was created to “get [Hamilton] arrested and to get into the papers to embarrass her so that she would drop the criminal case against this guy’s girlfriend—that’s the whole case,” attorney Kevin Gagan said.

The district attorney was “pulling the strings behind this” due to “maybe some personal animosity,” Gagan added.

“You clearly require some investigation and some update in your knowledge” because it does not mean she was “charged with something,” Hamilton said.

“It’s a piece of paper. Do you understand what words mean?” Hamilton said. “I understand what’s written on a piece of paper… If you do anything else with false information other than asserting it to me on the phone, you better be real careful.”

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