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FBI set to widen Diddy sex probe

via ABC

The 1999 shooting at Club New York involving Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jennifer Lopez and Jamal “Shyne” Barrow, which resulted in Barrow’s conviction, is being reexamined as part of a broader federal investigation into Combs.

Federal agents recently raided Combs’ homes regarding allegations in a lawsuit that he sexually assaulted and trafficked men.

“They got eyes on him in Miami and the feds are talking to witness after witness,” New York criminal defense attorney Michael Discioarro said.

“They’re corroborating everything they can. But everything past and present is on the table with Mr. Diddy right now.”

The suit claims Combs bragged about committing the 1999 shooting and bribing witnesses.

“The story was that Puff was flossing, which is what they call someone on the streets who’s throwing money around and acting like a big shot,” NYPD Detective Derrick Parker said.

“Scar felt disrespected because he felt he was as important as Puff and words were exchanged and then bullets started flying.”

A victim insists Combs shot her. Meanwhile, a 2002 shooting at a LA recording studio involving Combs, his son and a man known as “G” is also under scrutiny due to claims Combs lied and forced witnesses to lie to police.

While Combs denies the new allegations, the lawsuits and federal probe are unearthing new details about the old cases while scrutinizing Combs’ alleged involvement in other incidents involving guns and his treatment of witnesses.

“I literally watched them pull out the guns, I had a clear point of view. I mean, for God’s sake, I got shot in my nose,” victim Natania Reuben said.

“I watched everything occur and have described it, vehemently, to all parties involved. I have nine bullet fragments remaining in my face.”

“I found Jones’ lawsuit pretty disingenuous. This guy calls himself a Christian but yet he let himself be forced into getting strippers and cocaine for Puff?” rapper Glasses Malone said.

“If true, that’s the only thing in the lawsuit that shows criminal intent to me,” Malone said.

“And we’re all talking about this but nobody knows who this ‘G’ guy is or where he is. That’s the mystery to me.”

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