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Peter Navarro Likens Prison Sentence to Fallen American Soldiers

via Forbes Breaking News

Peter Navarro, a former White House aide to Donald Trump, views his upcoming prison sentence as a necessary sacrifice compared to those who died for the nation.

Navarro, convicted of contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena, believed in presidential immunity but was convicted last September.

“Men and women of America throughout our history have shed blood—lost their lives—for the defense of this country, the defense of what we stand for, the defense of our values, the defense of our Constitution,” Navarro said. “And for me, it’s a much smaller sacrifice to be willing to go to prison, as I now have been ordered to do, to defend what is really one of the most important principles of the Constitution, which is the constitutional separation of powers.”

Despite this, he remains hopeful that his appeal will be significant.

“My hope and my mission here is that U.S. v. Peter Navarro will in fact be a landmark constitutional case,” Navarro said. “I believe it is, as it works its way through the appeals courts.”

Navarro must report to a federal prison in Miami but has expressed discontent with the legal process.

“Who are these people? This is not America,” Navarro said.

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