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Alyssa Farah Griffin: You Have to Demonize, Believe Lies to Be Part of Trump World

via CNN

Alyssa Farah Griffin expressed sadness that being part of Donald Trump’s world now requires demonizing the other side and believing lies.

She noted that Trump and the RNC had fired 60 staffers and are replacing them with loyalists, including those who falsely believe the 2020 election was illegitimate or are willing to lie about it.

Farah Griffin said, “They fired 60 staffers from the RNC so now the are having to restaff up with Trump loyalist. They are being asked was the election legitimately won? What they’re trying to do is loyalists who are willing to lie or they are so unformed they think it’s true run a major party committee.”

Griffin contrasted this with her past experience in Republican politics, where staffers from opposing sides would disagree on policy but recognize their shared belief in the country and find different solutions, having civil discussions afterward.

However, she says this era is now over and politics under Trump has become a zero-sum game defined by having to demonize others and believe falsehoods.

“But I’d say the more dangerous thing is Trump is also doing this as he looks for people to be in his next administration. trying to screen people out and saying they want Tucker Carlson Republicans, not Ronald Reagan Republicans,” she said.

She added, “This kinda mad me sad. I worked in politics my whole life. I came up working for right-wing members during the Obama administration. We’d go to battle you know over policies with the Obama administration, then at the end of the day the junior Obama staffers and junior Republican staffers would get drinks and be like, ‘We disagree but we believe in this country and have different solutions on how to solve it.’ That era is over. It is zero sum game that you have to demonize the other side, you have to believe lies in order to be part of this Trump world and it’s really frankly sad.”

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