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Court Pushes Back On Arguments Against Abortion Amendment

via The Florida Bar

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody asked the state Supreme Court to strike down a proposed abortion rights amendment, despite it qualifying for the 2024 ballot with nearly one million valid signatures.

The amendment aims to enshrine the right to abortion in the Florida Constitution before viability.

The court heard oral arguments, with the state arguing that the amendment’s ballot summary is misleading due to terms like “viability.”

Proponents emphasized the importance of democracy and voters’ understanding, while concerns were raised about the court’s role and the potential impact on abortion rights in Florida.

“You’re saying, ‘This is a wolf.’ And a wolf it may be,” Justice John D. Couriel said. “But it seems like our job is to answer whether it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s all we get to do.”

“It imposes an impossible burden on the people proposing the amendment,” Justice Charles T. Canady said.

“It seems to me like all of these things will need to be argued out in the political process … We aren’t given the power in the Constitution to impose such a restriction,” he said.

The court’s decision could have significant implications for abortion legislation in the state.

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