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Kristi Noem shares vision for America amid speculation about running as Trump’s VP

via CNN

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is set to release a new book titled “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward,” focusing on the new age of conservatism and the lasting impact of Republican principles.

Emphasizing the influence of Donald Trump, the book will feature stories and action plans to reset the country, drawing on Noem’s experience in business and Congress.

Noem said, “So many times, almost on a daily basis, I hear people talking about wanting to go back to the old days of Mitt Romney, Cheney, the Bushes, you know, when Republicans could reset themselves back to these people that were steady and spoke perfectly. Yet they’re the ones who created the swamp that we have to deal with now.”

“So this book is almost like a get over it and grow up book and the to-do book for the average citizen on what they can do to embrace the fact that we’re not going back to that,” she continued.

“There’s no going back. They need to adjust their perspective and realize that Trump broke politics – he just did – and that that’s a good thing,” said the South Dakota Republican.

“This book has got some stories that reflect that of people that the readers will know, but it’ll also give a lot of examples of things and action plans that they can take to really move the needle on resetting our country back on its foundation,” explained Noem.

“I have a different perspective because I’ve been a business person,” she continued.

“You know, these people running for governor, running for Senate, running for president even, most of them never ran businesses. They pretend they’re perfect, they think they’re better than everybody else, and this exposes that and tells stories about them that people need to know.”

“I served in Congress for eight years, so I got to see the swamp from the inside,” added the Governor.

It has received high praise from Trump, with Noem expressing admiration for his direct approach and commitment to the average American.

She also discussed her support for Trump’s presidential campaign and potential future collaboration.

“I had called him and asked him if he’d be willing to write an endorsement for the jacket of the book, and the next thing I know… here he was putting it out on social media, which was wonderful,” recalled Noem.

“That’s what I love about him. I love the fact that he’s a man of action,” she exclaimed.

Noem said, “The reason Trump has resonated so much with the American public is because he doesn’t think he’s better than anybody else.”

“He just is who he is. He doesn’t pretend, and he really does love the average American out there that gets up every day and goes to work. He values them just as much as he does the millionaires and billionaires that he has meetings with,” she continued.

Noem added, “He knows that I will help him however he would like me to. He knows that I’m always a person that will do whatever I can to help him win. I just believe in him.”

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