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Colbert’s Comedy Clash: Did Trump Become His Own Punchline?

via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert highlighted recent polling showing President Joe Biden leading over Donald Trump, humorously attributing Biden’s success to his strategy of “standing still” while his opponent “repeatedly quotes Hitler.”

Colbert also emphasized the significant support for Biden among women voters, dubbing him “Ladies Love Cool Joe.”

The monologue expressed relief at Biden’s lead and humorously depicted his appeal to women voters, using a comedic Biden impression.

“Political analysts think it may be his strategy of standing still while his opponent repeatedly quotes Hitler,” Colbert said.

“They say history repeats itself. Well, you can say that again, because we’re nine months out from the presidential election and like we’re watching a rerun of 2020.”

“The Chiefs playing the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Unless something crazy happens, it’s Trump v. Biden. And Trump’s been leading a lot of polls but today in a new Quinnipiac poll Biden has leaped out to lead Trump 50-44,” he said.

“Thank God, some good news in an otherwise depressing reality. This is just like finding some punch in a turd bowl,” Colbert said. “I don’t know just how Joe did it. But political analysts think it may be his strategy of standing still, while his opponent repeatedly quotes Hitler.”

“Okay, now no surprise, the credit really goes to women voters. Biden leads among women by a margin of 58 to 36%,” Colbert added. “That’s right. The ladies love cool Joe.”

“They love my store-bought smile, they love the shades, they love that thing. We’re on the last one standing between them and the Supreme Court putting a GoPro in their uterus. They love it. Watch those babies spelunk out of there. I’m serious!” he said.

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