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Ex-White House Press Secretary Recalls Trump’s Oval Office Test About E. Jean Carroll

via Trump White House Archived

Stephanie Grisham, former press secretary for Donald Trump, recounted a tense moment in the Oval Office when Trump confronted her about denying accusations made by E. Jean Carroll.

“I remember specifically feeling like that was a test for me because he stared me down when he asked me that,” Grisham said.

Grisham noted feeling pressured during the encounter, especially as she was close to Melania Trump at the time.

Trump “knew, of course, I was very close to [then-first lady] Melania [Trump] at the time,” Grisham said.

She highlighted Trump’s pattern of attacking those who oppose him and suggested that Melania may have been a target for his denials and attacks.

“It’s my understanding that she has been really pressuring him to go out there and defend himself in this particular case,” Grisham said of Melania. “So I think absolutely that he’s probably trying to defend himself with her.”

Grisham also mentioned Trump’s efforts to leverage the situation for his presidential campaign, using it for fundraising and portraying himself as a victim of a biased system.

“He’s running for president, so he’s wanting to make sure that he’s using this to his advantage, […] fundraising off of it and whining about how the system is so stacked against him,” she said.

Grisham referenced Trump’s legal battles and the significant financial penalties he faces due to the Carroll case.

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